JB Has Stolen Our Rights ... Again!
To all Landlords and Rental Owners:
          Since my last email, we have added some additional landlords to our mailing list. 
Thanks to those that felt so inclined to share our message with fellow landlords in your area. To the new members as well as the people who may not have read the first email (or if it was caught up in the wrong inbox), I would like to once again introduce myself.
         My name is John and I am a residential landlord in Illinois. I have been a landlord for over 40 years. I am also a member of Illinois Rental Property Owners Association (irpoa.org). The purpose of the e-mail and others to follow is to help educate our industry as to what is happening.

          The lawsuit against the Governor stay on evictions is now in the Appellate Court. Briefs are due on September 8, 2020. It will be interesting if the Courts stay as political on the eviction issue as they have been on so many other issues. I hope they understand just how important it is for the Judicial system to remain apolitical and consider the interests of all parties involved. I applaud the plaintiffs for standing up and fighting as well as landlords that have contributed to the legal fees. It is never easy to take on the Government. THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED!

          By now you should have heard that the Governor has yet again extended the stay on evictions. When will it ever end? When this first started, I heard a rumor the Governor planned all along was to keep the stay going until the beginning of November. It looks more and more like the rumor is true. Until the pressure mounts from landlords, banks, vendors, etc., why should he change direction? After all, there are more tenant votes than Landlord votes.

          The City of Chicago just passed an Ordinance and is implementing policies that are very bad for Chicago Landlords. If the past is any indication of the future, the Chicago views will be arriving in Springfield soon.

          Make no mistake, we are very weak as an industry and we must figure it out. If we do not, we will continue to get pushed around and mistreated. Each landlord must get engaged and learn to fight not only as an individual but also as a group. I do not care which landlord organization you join or if you decide to form one on your own but sitting on the sidelines and just complaining is not going to work anymore.

          PLEASE- PLEASE- PLEASE JOIN A LANDLORD ASSOCIATION OR FORM ONE IN YOUR AREA. Some are free and some charge a token amount. If you cannot find one, you can always join the mailing list for free at (IRPOA.ORG). The link for IRPOA is below for ease of access. 

          I would also highly suggest looking up who your State Representative is and who your State Senator is and contacting them. I would also suggest keeping their contact information so you can quickly contact them again when Springfield is back in session.

          Regardless, we have to open up communications among us and join together otherwise we will not have any voice left.

          In closing, my goal again is only to educate, help you be better informed, and hopefully get you engaged before it is too late.

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